Caroline talks about Stalking, Violent Assaults & Abuse

Nestled in the picturesque North East of England, I find myself surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the countryside. It’s here that I’ve built my life with my wonderful family, each day enriched by their love and support. And let’s not forget my daft but ever-so-lovable dog, who brings endless joy and laughter to our home. Amidst the serene landscapes, you’ll often find me indulging in one of my greatest passions: crafting handmade chocolate truffles. There’s something truly magical about the process – from selecting the finest ingredients to watching as each decadent treat takes shape. It’s a hobby that brings me immense joy and satisfaction. 

Beyond my personal pursuits, I’m deeply committed to advocating for those affected by stalking, violent assaults, and abuse. With a background in social housing, community safety, and studying critical criminology at university, I strive to provide support, raise awareness, and drive positive change in these normalised areas. Through this platform, I aim to share valuable information, spark meaningful conversations within the podcast and public speaking, and cultivate a supportive community dedicated to making a difference. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Behaviour Traits


My journey toward combating domestic violence began early in life. Joining the Police Cadets in my teens wasn’t just a youthful ambition; it was a conscious step toward effecting change in a cause close to my heart. Fast forward to today, and I stand as a subject specialist advisor for stalking, violent assaults, and emotional abuse. Every day, I am driven by a relentless commitment to to go beyond the scope of any assignment because that’s where the answers are!

Through my work, I have the privilege of training professionals, hosting a podcast, and speaking at events across the globe. These platforms allow me to amplify vital conversations and share perspectives on creating positive change. My ultimate aim is to ensure that marginalised victims receive the recognition they deserve, providing them with the safe space and support to openly discuss their experiences and feel truly heard and understood. Are you ready to make a real difference?


My career and studies are deeply influenced by my personal experiences. It all started when I worked as a barmaid and encountered a stranger who began stalking me. This was the beginning of a long and difficult journey.

It was my job to smile. It was my job to be polite. It was my job to provide exceptional customer service. It was my job to encourage customers to spend, enjoy their time, and promote sales, all while navigating various interactions, even those with whom I didn’t really like – IT WAS MY JOB!

Now, after three decades, I’m still grappling with the impact of his stalking. Despite taking legal measures, the person continues to disrupt my life. The fear I had has turned to numbness, a form of conditioning oneself to accept this fated life. My stalker can appear and sit two tables away when my husband and I are out for a meal, or lurk in the garden center as we select plants for our garden.

My story is not unique; it’s historic, but not unique. As victim-survivors, we seek to connect, raise awareness, and advocate for changes and acknowledgment.

If you’re looking for someone remarkable on topics of stalking victims and perpetrator dynamics, you just found her!


My experiences led me to study a BA (Hons) Critical Criminology Course that has given me understanding and context and fuelled my professional life in social housing and community safety – soon I will be a social scientist with so much to do to challenge social harm.

I’ve been honoured with numerous awards for my contribution to LearningSkills, coaching and mentoring and my mission now is to bridge the skills gap between lived realities and professional understanding.

My efforts aren’t just about my experiences; they’re bigger than that. They’re about raising awareness and understanding of what stalking is, how it impacts victims and survivors, and advocating for changes to create safer communities for everyone.

Please join me in virtual meetings, ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions, and workshops to help build a future where no one has to endure what we and many others face daily.

Life Isn't Like the Movies

Viewer discretion is advised, as it may be distressing. If you find the content triggering, consider reaching out to a support network or a mental health professional. Your well-being is important to us.

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