In the firing Line

Welcome to my author page! I’m humbled to share with you our deeply personal journey recounted in my book, “In the Firing Line.” This gripping series of wrongdoing and crimes illustrates our own harrowing experience of stranger stalking and violent assaults.

In The firing Line

“In the Firing Line” is where I openly share a personal and gripping account of the consequences of stranger stalking, providing evidenced context that vividly illustrates the experiences of intense violence inflicted upon myself and my young daughter by a relentless stranger. It is a story that captivates and resonates, offering a powerful reminder of the importance of basic welfare checks and robust safeguarding measures.

However, as I journey through the chilling events that unfolded, it becomes painfully clear that assumptions, negligence, and systemic failures played a significant role in exacerbating our ordeal. From perpetrator collaboration, and dismissive attitudes to glaring flaws in established practices, policies, and legislation, our experience exposes the shortcomings within the systems entrusted with our safety.

Yet, through the darkness emerges hope. Our shared ordeal ignites a fierce determination within me—a drive to effect change and protect others from similar horrors. This enthusiasm led me to a career path in social housing, transitioning into the role of Community Safety Domestic Violence Coordinator, dedicated to advocating for stronger safeguarding measures and confronting perpetrators and systemic issues that escalate violence against women and girls.

Fuelled by a resolute desire to understand why appropriate interventions did not happen for us, I embarked on a new chapter and returned to university to study critical criminology, examining crime and criminal justice systems. This decision stems from the urgent need for systemic reform and a commitment to build a Stalking Legal Framework, distinct from the umbrella of Intimate Partner Violence. This framework aims to provide the right structures to address the injustices faced by victims, survivors, and victim-survivors.

If you’re looking for someone remarkable on topics of stalking victims and offender relationships, you just found her!

Learning from Agency Failures to Safeguard & Protect

Join us for the “Anatomy of Perpetrator Dynamics” workshop, where professionals from diverse sectors will explore a detailed case study to effectively understand and combat stalking behaviours. Through a thorough investigation, participants will analyse real-life scenarios from six primary areas, gaining invaluable insights into the complexities of stalker behaviour and the dynamics at play.

With this knowledge, attendees will be equipped to develop robust strategies for intervention and support, enhancing the safety and well-being of individuals in our communities.

Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding and make a meaningful impact in addressing stalking incidents.

Just to say well done last week at the village hotel, for a good, nice and tidy presentation about who you are and what you do. You are certainly one who inspires and has learned the fact that there are those who drain you and those who will gain from. 'The Drain or Gain People', how you deal with them, and hopefully move them forward or move them on. But always looking for the best in people. I certainly felt that sense of infusion of enthusiasm when we shared how things are and how to best inspire others to do so. It’s a good exercise to see how we get the word 'enthusiasm'.
Gordon Hanna
Business Liaison Manager
It’s All About The Money Event', was a great way of bringing together all sides of the lettings industry to share best practice and gain an understanding of the help available to landlords and tenants. The expertise in the room was immense and gave everyone a lot of good, practical advice to engage with residents, take early action to prevent problems getting out of hand and basically promote harmonious relationship between landlord and tenant.
Christian Swinburne

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