According to Mullen et al. (1999) there are five types of stalkers

Let’s see if you can guess which stalker deeply immersed himself in our lives among the rejected, the seeker of intimacy, the incompetent, the resentful, and the predatory.

Stalking Impact on Targeted Victims

I had a brief and concerning date with him, where it became evident to me that there wouldn’t be another. The following day, he turned up at my home with a large bouquet of flowers, but I had not given him my address. At the outset, our assailant (not an intimate partner, nor the assumed or alleged boyfriend) lived just three and a half miles away, a single journey of approximately nine minutes by car. He invaded our home, immersing himself without consent or invitation. He demonstrated proficiency in love bombing but also practiced isolation techniques and stalking behaviours, all while instilling fear through violent acts, including third-party intimidation and emotional abuse. These actions prompted civil action, resulting in a court injunction granted for our protection.

Throughout the court proceedings, our barristers and solicitors diligently worked to secure what was meant to be a safer residence for us. However, our pursuit of a safe and peaceful home took a harrowing turn when we were presented with a management move that I could not refuse. Despite assurances to ‘just ignore him,’ we found ourselves relocated closer to our assailant’s home, within two miles of his reach—a mere five-minute drive away. This shocking discovery sent me on a soul-searching journey, seeking answers to how such situations are allowed to happen within assessment, practice, policy, and legislation.

The deliberate actions and traumatic experiences we endured have deeply shaped my path as a university student studying critical criminology, an educator, and a professional speaker. Drawing upon experiences from my professional, academic, and personal journey, I am committed to raising awareness and promoting understanding of stranger stalking.

If you’re looking for someone remarkable on topics of stalking victims and perpetrator dynamics, you just found her!

It's important to recognise that ending the relationship is not a viable option for the targeted victim—it's a decision forced upon them by the stalker. Meaning, the targeted victim cannot terminate the relationship created by the stalker; it's the stalker's relationship, not theirs.

Join us at “The Anatomy of Perpetrator Dynamics,” “The Domino Effect,” or “The Victim’s Perspective” workshops, where legal professionals, charities, and authoritative organisations from diverse departments explore detailed case studies to effectively understand stalking behaviours.

Through methodically walking through cases step by step, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the complex dynamics at play.

Take this opportunity to enhance your understanding and make a significant difference in meeting the needs of victims when they come to you for help. As the behaviour escalates, their need for your support increases—the targeted victim(s) need you.

Every Breath You Take

Every move you make
And every vow you break
Every smile you fake
Every claim you stake
I’ll be watching you


Just to say well done last week at the village hotel, for a good, nice and tidy presentation about who you are and what you do. You are certainly one who inspires and has learned the fact that there are those who drain you and those who will gain from. 'The Drain or Gain People', how you deal with them, and hopefully move them forward or move them on. But always looking for the best in people. I certainly felt that sense of infusion of enthusiasm when we shared how things are and how to best inspire others to do so. It’s a good exercise to see how we get the word 'enthusiasm'.
Gordon Hanna
Business Liaison Manager
It’s All About The Money Event', was a great way of bringing together all sides of the lettings industry to share best practice and gain an understanding of the help available to landlords and tenants. The expertise in the room was immense and gave everyone a lot of good, practical advice to engage with residents, take early action to prevent problems getting out of hand and basically promote harmonious relationship between landlord and tenant.
Christian Swinburne

Acknowledging the Significance of Context in Stalking Cases

The intersection of deliberate and inadvertent collaboration of professional failures grants him and others a level of influence comparable to ‘The Untouchables.’ The injunction remains central to our experiences, and illustrating the complexities faced by myself and other women in dire need of support but unable to attain it, for reasons unlike mine, helps me in exploring these conversations ~ Caroline Saul 

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