Stalking isn't just a plotline in a thriller

Stalking is a real and a haunting experience for those who survive it. It’s not normal behaviour and shouldn’t be normalised.

Understanding when stalkers may become violent is crucial for recognising and addressing the dangers they pose and potentially you could save lives. Despite attempts to downplay a stalker’s behaviour, it often escalates into violence: studies show that approximately 1/3 of stalking victims eventually experience physical or sexual assault.

Several red flags can indicate a heightened risk of violence, including a history of violence, property damage, burglary attempts, persistent presence near the victim’s home or workplace, and the victim and or survivor’s heightened fear. However, it’s important to note that predicting a stalker’s violent tendencies is highly unpredictable due to limitations in research.

Given this uncertainty, it’s essential to take any concerns seriously. Documenting the stalker’s actions and considering legal measures can provide some protection to plan interventions and prevention strategies. By treating stalking behaviours with the gravity they deserve, we assist victims and survivors to assert their rights and safeguard their well-being.

"When stalking occurs, it’s frequently referred to in context of a breakup, but we know that's not true - more research is called for" - Caroline Saul

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Years of continued lived & professional expertise

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Our training sessions are designed specifically for professionals, to prevent intentional or inadvertent collaboration with perpetrators. Learn to identify early signs of stalking behaviours, such as love bombing, and take proactive steps to intervene effectively.

Experience first hand the depth of understanding provided by “The Anatomy of Perpetrator Dynamics” – a workshop that encourages you to critically think of individuals involved in stalking, violent assaults, and emotional abuse. Uncover the often-overlooked dynamics that contribute to these life-altering incidents, leaving victims and survivors feeling unheard, marginalised and silenced.

Our workshops are designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to identify and effectively address these complex dynamics that can produce information about i.e.  firearms. By participating, you’ll ensure that victims and survivors receive the support and validation they deserve to reclaim their voices and rebuild their lives without modifying their behaviour daily.

In order to escape accountability for his crimes, the perpetrator does everything in his power to promote forgetting. If secrecy fails, the perpetrator attacks the credibility of his victim. If he cannot silence her absolutely, he tries to make sure no one listens.

Judith Lewis Herman

Expertise from Seasoned Professionals

Gain invaluable information from seasoned professionals with extensive experience in addressing various aspects of victim safety and stalking prevention. Benefit from their expertise and practical knowledge to refine your skills and approaches.

Collaborating for Victim Safety

Engage in collaborative discussions and networking opportunities with professionals from diverse backgrounds. By working together, you can develop comprehensive strategies and solutions to ensure the safety and well-being of victims and survivors.

Stalking Case Management

Acquire essential skills and tools for effectively managing stalking cases from identification to safety planning. Learn about best practices, legal considerations, and evidence-collection techniques to support victims and hold perpetrators accountable.

Understanding Dynamics

Learn about the complex interactions involved in stalking behaviours, including collaboration with perpetrators, whether intentional or unintentional.  Develop practical intervention strategies to disrupt harmful patterns and ensure victim safety.

Victim Advocacy Response

Learn how to provide empathetic and effective advocacy for victims of stalking. Understand the unique needs of survivors and explore strategies for offering comprehensive support, resources, and assistance throughout their journey to safety and recovery.

First Responder Response

Enhance your skills as a first responder in identifying and responding to stalking incidents. Learn how to recognise signs of stalking, assess risk levels, and take appropriate action to ensure the safety of victims and prevent further harm.

If you’re looking for someone remarkable on topics of stalking victims and perpetrator dynamics, you just found her!

It’s striking how frequently victims and survivors find themselves in moments of quiet despair—whether they’re sitting alone in a car or seeking solace in the bathroom, overwhelmed by the thought, “I can’t do this anymore.” Yet, in these vulnerable moments, they summon their strength, wipe away their tears, and return to face the challenges set before them. Sometimes, it’s solely about survival.

These experiences provide a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the inner struggles that many victims and survivors confront daily. By sharing these experiences, we validate the exhaustion, frustration, and overwhelm that accompany life’s hardships. We witness their remarkable courage as they persevere, or sadly, mourn their losses. These are the moments that remind us of the battles fought behind closed doors, often marginalised and unseen.

It’s crucial to be present, to understand the complexities of their experiences, and to extend compassion to those who are grappling with personal challenges. By acknowledging their strength and offering support, we can help them navigate their journey.

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